For many of my clients over the years, Zillow, and Trulia have been their primary search sites, besides our own. Whatever feels most comfortable to search off of is fine. Please do remember you are being tracked on most sites, and much or the data bases are out of date to say the least. Disappointing for all of us. Your private information you did not know you gave is sold!. Not with us, nor will we bother you as you search.

A new age is starting shortly. Only local MLS vendors and hopefully will have ALL the listed properties updated within less than an hour. also is an up to date source for all the MLS listings. When sold they will be gone. No scraping other sites for bogus foreclosure possibilities that are NOT for sale. We do have a pre built search for Lakefront, Foreclosed, and Rural properties in Southwest Michigan to make searching easier for the consumer. 

Beware of what is on the wonderful web as much of it these days is not relevant. Beware of the hacked listings on many sites. The big sites will not have regular updates as they now only have contracts with a few franchises? Data consistency will still be in question, let alone  quality value estimates on those sites.

Paul Dumke